Due to COVID-19, we have officially suspended operations. If you have an upcoming itinerary with Journy, you will still be able to access it via web and through our mobile app if you've downloaded it offline.


About Journy

What is Journy?

How does Journy Work?

What measures is Journy taking in light of COVID-19?

Is every trip really fully customized?

What’s the difference between daily planning and packages?

Can I give input on my travel plan?

I have existing plans. Can my trip designer work these into my itinerary?

What if I’m traveling with a large group / young children / elderly parents / vegans / my cat / insert-special-circumstance-here?

Do you do honeymoons / babymoons / anniversaries / business trips / friend trips / birthdays / bachelor and bachelorette parties / insert-occasion-here?

How long will it take for me to fill out the Journy request?

How long does it take for me to receive my completed itinerary once I submit a request?

Ahhh! My trip is a few days away—any chance you can help?

Can I see my Journy offline?

"Staycation" Planning

How does staycation planning work?

What’s the difference between staycation planning and normal planning?

How do you select lodging and accommodations for me?

What if there aren’t any lodging options within my budget?

What US cities/states can I travel to right now?

What if I need to cancel my trip?

What's included in a Journy itinerary

Do you make restaurant reservations?

Do you book hotels?

Do you also plan activities and attractions in addition to food and drink?

Do you book flights?

Can I see what a sample itinerary looks like?

Why Journy

I love trip planning. Why should I use Journy instead of doing it myself?

How can I trust your recommendations?

How does your Smile Guarantee work? (100% money-back guarantee)


What cities are you available in?

Can I request a city you don’t offer?

I’m heading to multiple cities and want Journy to plan my time in all of them. How can I do that?

What if I only want Journy to plan a part of my trip or non-consecutive days of my trip?

I want to take a trip soon but haven’t figured out where (just want it to be awesome!) Can you help?


How much does it cost?

Do I pay upfront?

Do you charge any markups or additional fees?


How do I give Journy as a gift?

Are you hiring?

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