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3 Reasons A Cruise Just Might Be The Vacation You’re Looking For

It’s no longer just for Grandma
3 Reasons A Cruise Just Might Be The Vacation You’re Looking For

Does the mention of a cruise conjure images of octogenarians sipping over-sweetened daiquiris on deck chairs? You’re not the only one.

Evan Horowitz, who runs the creative agency Movers+Shakers, was skeptical of an upcoming family cruise in the Mediterranean. But the experience blew him out of the water—and now he’s eager to do another.

The More Places, The Merrier

In terms of the sheer quantity of places visited, few travel options pack as much in as a cruise. Evan’s weeklong trip took him to Barcelona, Cannes, Genoa, Rome, Montenegro, Croatia, and Venice. Look for cruises that allow you to sleep while the ship moves from one destination to the next: they’re the maritime equivalent of a red-eye flight, but with much more space and comfort.

The trade-off is that your time in each city is limited, but with efficient planning, you can still hit up most of the major landmarks. Evan describes a single day in Rome: “We got a tour guide and a driver, and we just had our family in a little minivan. We got to see half a dozen highlights, my nephew got to pretend to be a gladiator in the Colosseum, and my sister-in-law got to throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain.”

Evan Horowitz

Will you leave Rome an expert? No—but you could spend weeks in any major city and still have only seen half of it. A cruise gives you a taste of the star attractions.

Seven Cities, One Hotel Room

Anyone who’s embarked on a multi-city itinerary knows that the most grueling part of the experience is actually moving from one place to the next. Frantically searching for the right bus stop, trying to decode the local train system, rushing to the airport, only to be trapped in long security lines—all of these can take the fun out of your vacation. On top of that, you waste precious time checking in and out and packing and unpacking your luggage each time you switch hotels, let alone navigating to them in the first place.

With a cruise, you only need to keep track of one room and one mode of transportation. “It was really nice to have the comfort of being in the same room the entire week,” says Evan. Feel free to let your clothes paper the room while you’re out exploring; you only need to clean everything up at the end of your trip.

Fun For All Ages

There’s truth to the belief that cruises are designed for older travelers—but they’re perfect for children as well. “A cruise is fantastic for intergenerational travel,” says Evan. “It’s very low stress, and it provides so many options for different things.”

Evan Horowitz

Evan’s travel group spanned three generations, including his 70-year-old parents and his adolescent niece and nephew. Organizing a trip for three generations could have been a logistical nightmare, but the flexibility of being on a cruise that offered a constant stream of performances, shows, and other entertainment saved the day. “One day, my husband and I went biking, and the little kids went and saw the castle and were back on the cruise while we were still there.”

For elderly passengers with mobility issues, cruises are often outfitted with ramps and elevators so they can maneuver themselves to the beach—or just to the ship’s deck—with ease.

And for eaters of all ages who may have dietary restrictions or sensitive palates, a cruise is a blessing. Evan’s featured six restaurants on board: enough for everyone to find something to eat.

3 August 2018
3 min read

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