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5 Awesome Local Places To Get Drunk In Montreal

5 Awesome Local Places To Get Drunk In Montreal
Journy Admin

By Journy Admin

Get drunk with the super hip locals in Montreal. From microbrews to underground EDM shows, these are the places to be, handpicked by local Montreal experts for our exclusive Journy database.

Société Des Arts Technologiques

Qualité Motel

Montreal’s Societe des Arts Technologiques wears several hats; as a music venue, performing arts venue, cultural event space, bar, and restaurant. With the main level housing a pseudo dance club called the 360-degree Satosphere, in the know Montrealers frequent it on weekend nights for EDM shows and underground concerts. Pro-tip: Check out SAT’s bar before or after a show; it features a ridiculously cool rooftop terrace that should not be missed.

Station Ho.St

Montréal CityCrunch

Station is Centre-Sud’s best beer bar; a rustic-chic hangout from the team behind Hopfenstark microbrewery. They serve up over 20 incredible microbrews — both on tap and cask — along with a curated whiskey selection for lovers of hard spirits. Pro-tip: Eschewing a typical bar fare menu, Station encourages you to bring your snacks or order-in food from a nearby eatery.



Benelux is a casual brewpub known for its selection of house-made beers — produced in the style of Midwestern Europe brews (mainly Belgian). Benelux has a relaxed atmosphere and a spacious outdoor terrace, making it the ideal place to post up with a drink in hand. If you get hungry, try one of their signature European-style hot dogs served with tangy sauerkraut and crispy chips.

Taverne Les Torchés


Taverne Les Torchés is a friendly neighborhood bar that offers a fun and laid-back ambiance plus a varied menu, featuring high-quality, modern, and totally tasty pub food (try the grilled cheese). They also have a decent selection of beers on tap by the bottle, making it an ideal place to post up and chat or watch a game. Pro-tip: Happy hour runs from 4-8PM, with cocktails, wine, and specialty beer for just $5-6.


Coastal Elite

Brutopia is a reliable Downtown beer spot situated on the wildly popular (and always fun) Crescent Street. The spacious spot is spread out over three floors with three separate terraces, which means there’s plenty of space to grab a table amongst the local university students or find a place at the shuffleboard table. Keep your eyes peeled for the Extra Blonde variety, brewed with malt specially imported from Munich.


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Qualité Motel
12 January 2017
3 min read

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