5 Places To Party All Night In Tel Aviv

From dancing on the beach to underground clubs, there's something for every one.

By Journy Team

3 August 2018

Move over Ibiza—Tel Aviv is the city that should top your must-visit list if you're serious about partying. From dancing on the beach to underground clubs, there's something for every one. Here are Journy's top picks for an epic night out in the Israeli city.

The Times of Israel

Kuli Alma — Located at the fringes of Tel Aviv's famed Rothschild Boulevard, this club cuts a strange figure from the outside. But then you step inside and start to explore its warren of underground rooms. Somewhere between the open kitchen and the DJ of the day blasting music in your ear, you'll get why Kuli Alma consistently tops lists of Tel Aviv's top nightlife destinations. During the summer, there's an outdoor area to chill with a boozy slushie and pizza served to soak it all up.

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The Block — If someone says The Block gets going around midnight, ignore them. Locals know that no matter how tempting the pre-1am discount may be, the party starts no earlier than 2am. When it does kick into high gear, it's good and rarely stops until 7 or even 8am. With three spaces, there's plenty to explore, but be aware that phones aren't allowed in the main stage room. The club regularly plays host to some of the world's top DJs. Thursdays tend to be the craziest as locals gear up for the weekend.

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Buxa — Buxa tends to attract a more hipster crowd than other Tel Aviv bars. This makes it the city’s go to destination for underground DJs, local art and upcoming bands. Inside it looks like an old-school Tokyo drinking den, but there are also outdoor areas for smoking and socializing.

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Shalvata — Indulge in two of Tel Aviv's favorite pastime, partying and beachgoing, when you head to this seaside club. It’s the busiest in the summer when eager partiers line up to dance to a different DJ every night. They also have daytime parties during the weekends and tables if you just want to catch up with friends, though you’ll have to yell over the music. The crowd here tends to be more fashionable and older.

Marat Kovich

Anna LouLou Bar — While most of Tel Aviv's bars are located in the Tel Aviv section of the city, Anna LouLou bar is in Jaffa, the older, historically Arabic section of the city. It plays mostly Arab-electro, though there's the occasional wild card event, whether that's a country music set or drag show. Anna Loulou is busiest on Wednesdays, when locals pile on the mismatched sofas and take selfies against the gold walls decorated in kitsch art. It's a favorite with Tel Aviv's LGBTQ+ community.

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