7 Classic Austrian Coffee Houses That Take Us Back

More retro than the 60's

By David Hoffman

3 August 2018

Every city worth its salt has its share of old-school cafés, but in Austria, we’re talking the real deal: institutions that have been around for centuries (yes, plural).

Café Central, Vienna. | @wonguy974

Your neighborhood coffee shop might be cute, but it can’t compare to cafés with interiors that look like palaces…

Café Munding, Innsbruck. | @bernaaaydin

…and cups that come on saucers and silver trays.

Café Bazar, Salzburg. | @okkavdd

It’s probably not where the luminaries of the day used to grab a seat by the river…

Café Katzung, Innsbruck. | @pennylena

…to settle down with a (now-)vintage book.

Café Tomaselli, Salzburg. | @katielmayne

And it definitely didn’t exist before analog photography was trendy…

Café Prückel, Vienna. | @71cinematographer

…then untrendy…

Café Sperl, Vienna. | @j1kim

…and then trendy again.

In any case, have fun getting coffee! Sorry if we’ve ruined it for you.

Café Prückel, Vienna. | @71cinematographer