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7 "Hygge" Things To Do In Copenhagen

7 "Hygge" Things To Do In Copenhagen
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“Hygge” — a Danish term defined as “a quality of cosiness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being.” Pronounced “hoo-guh.” On Oxford Dictionaries’ 2016 word of the year shortlist. Indulge in that Danish warm fuzzy spirit with these seven things to do in Copenhagen.

Board Games And Beer At Bastard Cafe

Bastard Café - Board Games & Coffee

Like board games? Coffee? Beer? Head to Bastard Cafe for a little bit of all three. Boasting over 500 board games to choose from, this quirky bar and cafe is a great place to relax with a game and a beverage day or night.

Lunch Along The Lake At Cafe 22


Enjoy sunny days and chilly afternoons at Café 22. This indoor/outdoor café in Inner Noerrebro is notable for their outdoor dining setup—café tables and chairs draped with cozy blankets to keep the chill at bay line the canal and nearby bike path. We love Café 22 for a healthy, hearty brunch or a juicy burger. You’ll love the ambiance and delicious food at this waterside spot.

Coffee And Baked Goods At Kaffeslabberasen

Camilla S.

Kaffeslabberasen is a spacious and relaxing coffee shop on Vesterbro that stands out because of its unique space and friendly clientele. Order a hot drink and something from the small bakery, which turns out everything from fresh bread and baked goods to sandwiches and award-winning Hansen ice cream. Sip leisurely on a reclaimed tree stump or sink into one of the comfy bean bag chairs.

All Day Dining At Cafe Bang & Jensen


Situated in the trendy are of Istedgade, Bang & Jensen is a former pharmacy turned hotspot bar and cafe. The atmosphere is equal parts relaxed and cool, with cozy living room seating to match the super smooth DJ sets. Bang & Jensen serves an excellent morning buffet for DKK 90 per person along with global comfort food and artisan cocktails well until the middle of the night (until 2AM).

Playful Fusion High Tea At Royal Smushi Cafe

Made a Mano

Royal Smushi Cafe is a fairytale-like concept restaurant characterized by funky Baroque-inspired design elements (think high, gilded ceilings and hanging chandeliers). As the name denotes, Royal Smushi combines traditional smørrebrød with sushi techniques to create their signature nigiri sized ‘smushi’ sandwiches — made with dense rye bread and various toppings. We love the playful smushi presentations, amazing desserts, and cheeky staff. Order a set of three with tea — plus cake for dessert — and call it a meal.

Creative Danish Set Menus At Kjøbenhavn

Beauton Art Gallery

Restaurant Kjøbenhavn (the old name for Copenhagen) describes itself as a declaration of love to Copenhagen. The restaurant is both cozy and hip, chic and down to earth. The modern and creative food is inspired by the local ingredients of Copenhagen. For the level of service and quality of the food, the price is very reasonable. Dinner is available as either a 3-course ($47), 5-course ($58), or 7-course ($72) tasting menu. Wine pairings are additional. View the menu here. Book a table here.

Organic Pizza & Cocktails At Neighbourhood

For dinner, eat at Neighbourhood, an all organic gourmet pizza and cocktail bar and local hangout. Vinyl tunes fill the air, and community table seating makes it impossible not to meet your neighbors. The pizzas at Neighbourhood are lighter, crispier, greener, organic and even more beautiful than the typical pizza you are probably used to. Cocktails are made from organic fine spirits shaken with freshly squeezed organic fruits, herbs, and vegetables. They also offer home-made juices.

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3 August 2018
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