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7 Of The Most Creative Cocktails You've Ever Seen

Because drinking out of a cup is so old-school
7 Of The Most Creative Cocktails You've Ever Seen

By David Hoffman

Been a long week, and it’s only Wednesday? Yeah, we feel that. We also feel that the best antidote to hump day is the most time-honored of cures: alcohol.

We’re as much a fan of happy hour specials as anyone, but sometimes, when the workweek is especially rough, we find ourselves dreaming of drinks that go a bit beyond your standard Old Fashioned. We’re talking loud colors, (literal) smoke and mirrors, and creative containers that will make you question why you ever drank out of a cup at all.

Sometimes drinks are served in lightbulbs (without electricity, thankfully).

And sometimes they’re served in a bathtub, complete with a rubber duck.


Some drinks take their Beauty and the Beast very seriously.


At its most extreme, your drink can feature skulls, flames, and shooting sparks.


Then again, it doesn’t have to be all razzle-dazzle; Gen Yamamoto’s drinks prove that there’s something truly awe-inspiring about simplicity as well. (Boozy tea ceremony? Sign us up.)


You haven’t really had a drink until you’ve tried the porthole at The Aviary in Chicago. (And if you fall in love with the container, you can even buy a porthole infuser yourself.)


But of all the drinks, this one might be our fave. This isn’t your typical Chinese takeout; see if you can find the clue that gives it away.



Image Credits

Botanist, Shanghai. Image by @flymetothestar
Origin, Hong Kong. Image by @originbarhk
Mimique, Taipei. Image by @anniec_am
Death & Company, New York. Image by @deathandcompany
Gen Yamamoto, Tokyo. Image by @katieparla
The Aviary, Chicago. Image by @therealfatibee
The Cocktail Trading Company, London. Image by @thecocktailtradingco

3 August 2018
2 min read

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