9 Hotel Bathtubs We’re Dying To Soak Our Feet In

You might never make it out of the bathroom

By Mara Gabrielle

3 August 2018

You know what I realized recently? One of the most self-indulgent things you can do when you’re staying in a nice hotel is to soak in the bathtub.

No one has time to wait for the tub to fill up after a long day of work (or, even less likely, before work). But when you’re on vacation and your two options are dozing past 10 a.m. in a super-comfy bed or dozing past 10 a.m. in a super-luxe tub, then hey, why not give both a chance?

There are three main types of perfect hotel bathtubs.

Ones where the view gets you inspired to go outside and explore, like this one in Baden-Baden, Germany…


…this one in Muscat, Oman…


…and this one in Singapore…


…ones where you’ll never need to go outside to feel inspired, like this one in Hudson, New York…


…this one in Malibu, California…


…and this one in Bali…


…and ones where you are basically outside and it is glorious, like this one in Navarre, Spain…


…this one in Narok, Kenya…


…and this one in Queenstown, New Zealand.


What’s your favorite?


Image Credits

Baden-Baden, Germany. Image by @roomersbadenbaden
Muscat, Oman. Image by @shangrilaalhsun
Singapore. Image by @marysmark
Hudson, NY. Image by @zioandsons
Malibu, CA. Image by @anabelmaldonado
Bali. Image by @mischahq
Navarre, Spain. Image by @arantzahotela
Narok, Kenya. Image by @eatsleeptravelin
Queenstown, New Zealand. Image by @wanderlust_images_

Nobu Ryokan Malibu