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All The Cool Kids Are Hanging Out In This London Neighborhood

Where hipsterdom reigns supreme
All The Cool Kids Are Hanging Out In This London Neighborhood

London’s always been a city where the currents of counterculture run strong. If you’re looking for a slightly grittier, more bohemian experience than the posh buildings of Westminster, pick a Sunday to head to the northeast district of Shoreditch.

A Perfect Day In Hipster London

Start off your day by grabbing coffee at a trendy former railway station, The Old Shoreditch Station, before exploring the Sunday Flower Market.

Sunday Flower Market. | @30poundsofapples

You can then explore the rest of the hipster mecca that is Shoreditch, full of amazing shops and galleries.

Modern Society. | @habibi.pat

Check out Modern Society (part high-end general store, part cafe), as well as the artist-owned Comfort Station for locally made jewelry.

For lunch, eat at one of my favorite restaurants in the city, Rochelle Canteen.

Rochelle Canteen. | @rochellecanteen 

After lunch, make your way down to Brick Lane, where on Sundays, the streets are packed with all the markets you can think of: vintage, flea, food, and more.

Brick Lane. | @hangryy101 

After browsing the wares and snapping some of the world-renowned street art at every corner, head to the more traditional Spitalfields Markets to peruse the vendors.

Spitalfields Markets. | @oldspitalfieldsmarket

Pre-dinner, have a speakeasy cocktail in the former tailor shop at Discount Suit Company, then go to Gunpowder for creative Indian dishes.

Gunpowder. | @gunpowder_london

You can then have drinks underground at the Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town (walk into the breakfast club and ask to “see the Mayor”) before partying and chilling on the roof at Queen of Hoxton.

Queen of Hoxton. | @ariana_ruth

For more information on London’s neighborhoods, as well as recommendations for the best things to do, see, and eat in the city, check out Journy’s Traveler Not Tourist Guide to London.

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3 August 2018
2 min read

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