Go Behind The Scenes To See How Journy Custom-Builds Itineraries

100% customized, every time

By Jacqueline Parisi

28 February 2020

Here at Journy, our bread and butter is building itineraries—but not in the way most travelers are used to. With us, itineraries aren’t vague outlines for how to spend your time in a city/country, or off-the-shelf plans that approximately 164,538 other travelers have done before. When we say itinerary, we mean detailed, comprehensive, and specialized daily travel plans that are 100% customized, every time. No two Journy itineraries are the same since every single one is built with considerations for a traveler’s preferred pace of travel, budget, dietary restrictions, interests, special requests, and so much more.

Take Zach and Samantha, for example. This couple turned to Journy for help planning their honeymoon to Japan.

Their first step? Completing the Journy questionnaire.

Here’s what we learned about their tastes, preferences, and priorities:

  • Budget: $300/day
  • Preferred pace of travel: Leisurely (which makes sense since they had just finished hectic wedding planning!)
  • Interests: Food (ranging from street food to fine dining sushi omakase—they wanted to experience it all!)
  • Special requests: Owl Café and Robot Restaurant
  • Other interests: Artisan cocktails, outdoor activities (hiking/biking), and pottery

Next up, getting paired with a trip designer.

Once Zach and Samantha completed their questionnaire, they were paired with Sarah, our resident Japan trip designer—who, yes, is human (no bots around here). Sarah was able to review their travel questionnaire to understand exactly what Zach and Samantha were looking for. She followed up via email to confirm a few things, then got to work building this custom itinerary complete with accommodations, restaurants, activities, transportation, cultural etiquette tips, and more. Zach and Samantha were able to provide a few rounds of feedback to Sarah along the way as she presented itinerary drafts to them. This way, the final product was nothing short of perfect.

View Zach & Samantha's Itinerary

What sets Journy itineraries apart?

#1: Customization

Every single day—from breakfast to post-dinner drinks—was methodically and thoughtfully planned out with Zach and Samantha’s interests in mind. Because their trip designer also factored in their arrival and departure times, the neighborhood where they were staying, and any pre-existing reservations, bookings, or engagements they had, the itinerary was truly one of a kind.

Zach and Samantha at an Owl Café

Because they preferred a leisurely pace of travel…

Sarah made sure not to jam-pack their days with different attractions. Instead, she kept it productive, but laid-back—and always with occasional coffee breaks in between.

Because they wanted to have a range of dining experiences…

Sarah fit in a little bit of everything—from classic egg waffles at Taiyaki Wakaba, a hole-in-the-wall establishment that dishes out this crowd-favorite treat for just 140 yen, to sushi omakase at Ichiyanagi, a 10-seater fine dining spot that consistently makes it on Tabelog’s list of the top 50 sushi restaurants in Tokyo.

Because they were interested in outdoor activities…

Sarah built in time for Zach and Samantha to visit several stunningly serene gardens (e.g., Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden) and parks (e.g., Yoyogi Park).

Because they were interested in pottery…

Sarah led them to the top shopping districts throughout Japan—including Tokyo Hands Ginza (for all the best unique home goods) and a slew of Brooklyn-esque boutiques in Daikanyama.

Hear from Zach himself!

“I found Journy after already getting an itinerary from a typical travel agency. Simply put, Journy's recommendations blew theirs out of the water. Plus, the process is super smooth and easy!”

#2: Comprehensiveness

With Journy, everything you need is in one place, making our app a comprehensive, one-stop shop for your entire trip.

Location details:

Each itinerary item—whether it be a restaurant/cafe, museum, or cooking class—has a dedicated view containing:

  • A description
  • Link to the establishment’s website
  • Phone number and address
  • Link to TripAdvisor/Tabelog (Japan's version of Yelp) reviews
  • Suggested time to spend
  • Opening hours

Interactive maps with transportation cues

In addition to viewing the itinerary as an overview or specific location view, you can also access a day view with interactive maps that have clear icons for all your locations throughout that given day. In between each itinerary item is a transportation icon—either a car, person, or train. When you click on the icon, it’ll toggle between the various methods of transportation. For example, on day two of Zach and Samantha’s trip, they spent time in the serene oasis of Hamarikyu Gardens before heading to a coffee tasting at Toriba Coffee. To get from point A to point B, they could have either taken a cab (11 minutes), walked (18 minutes), or taken public transportation (18 minutes).

Confirmations & Attachments

All of Zach and Samantha’s confirmations and attachments were placed in a dedicated section of their itinerary, making it easy for them to access pre-purchased tickets or double check which nights they had confirmed restaurant reservations.

Trust us, we don’t skimp on the details. After all, this is your well-deserved vacation we’re talking about!

#3: Geographical Optimization

Sarah made sure to arrange Zach and Samantha’s days by geographical proximity. This way, they wouldn’t be criss-crossing Tokyo to get from lunch to the museum to coffee and back again to their hotel. Instead, to make the most of their time, Sarah planned by neighborhood.

#4: Ease of use

Every part of the itinerary (overview, day view, interactive maps, location view, etc) is available via our super easy-to-use app. There’s even the ability to download offline so you can still access your itinerary without Wifi.

For a more detailed, step-by-step outline of how Journy works (including cost, benefits, differences from a traditional travel agent, and more), refer to this guide.

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