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Bring Back These Souvenirs To Impress Your Coworkers

Bring Back These Souvenirs To Impress Your Coworkers
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You went on vacation. Your coworkers didn't. So what do you bring back to soften the blow and butter them up for favors later on (not that you're doing that...much)? Our oh-so-thoughtful concierge team sussed out the best gifts to bring back from your destination that will make the office happy, and your wallet too.


Pick Up Some Medicated Pain Relieving Patches From Tokyo

Help your coworkers beat work stress the Japanese way when you bring them back these warm heat pads to apply to your sore spots. They relieve pressure and give you a burst of calm. Just don't be surprised if they disappear before your first day back is over.

A box of truffles from Jean Charles-Rochoux. | Live Door.

Bring Back A Box Of Chocolate From Paris

Skip the overpriced boxes of pastel macarons from Laduree and opt instead for a slim box of artisan chocolates from Jean-Charles Rochoux. Not only is the flashy pseudo-snake skin packaging eye-catching, but the diverse array of flavors will stir conversation among coworkers.

Vela tapas candles from La Tipica Candela. | Egge Associats.

Score Some Tapas-Scented Candles From Barcelona

You can't bring back Barcelona's tapas culture, but you can bring back candles that evoke the aroma of brine-y olives or sweet pan con tomate. Head to La Tipica Candela in Eixample to pick up small tapas scented candles. They come in tin cases, meaning they won't make your suitcase smells like dinner.

You can find biscuit selections at most supermarkets. Image via Piece of UK.

Please Everyone With A Variety Pack Of Biscuits From London

You're going to want to stuff your hard-sided suitcase with a few packages of British cookies for yourself, but throw in a variety pack for the office as well. When the 4pm hunger pangs roll around, your teammates will certainly appreciate your sugar coated thoughts—so long as they don't start arguing over the last chocolate-covered digestive.

Taralli 'nzogna e pepe. | Luciano Pignataro.

Introduce Your Coworkers To Taralli From Naples

Since you’re not quite going to bring back an entire pizza, consider the unsung hero of Neapolitan snacking: taralli. These almond-studded cookie crackers are traditionally made with lard and taste like the most satisfying savory pie crust (the heavy hit of black pepper certainly helps). For the vegetarians in your office, you can find them made with olive oil.

Inside a Hema store. | Glassdoor.

Have Some Fun With Tchotchkes From Hema In Amsterdam

You could buy everyone a birthday calendar, pre-filled with your special day. Or you could head to Dutch mega-mart Hema, which stocks everything from bargain stationery to licorice. The minimal Dutch design aesthetic means wandering through the aisles is (relatively) calm experience, while the low prices means you'll be able to pick up cool, non-click-y pens for all your office mates.

The Perfect Spot.

Give Them A Taste Of Authenticity With Mole Powder From Mexico City

Instead of subjecting your coworkers to endless laments about how American tacos taste like stale popcorn compared to Mexican ones, bring the office back some mole powder so they can whip up quasi-authentic Mexican food themselves.

Although purist might balk at the idea of buying a prepared spice mix, savvy cooks know that the blends you find in Mexico City are a cut above what's available at American grocery stores. You can pick them up at Mi Mercados throughout the city for only a few bucks—just be sure to wrap the spices in plastic bags to prevent the aroma from permeating your suitcase.

3 August 2018
3 min read

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