This Is Not A Drill: You Can Actually Take A Day Trip To Antarctica Now

Plus four other travel tidbits the Journy HQ has been hyped about this month.

By Brittany Malooly

30 April 2019

1. Now you can spend the day—yes, the day—in Wolf’s Fang, Antarctica

We’re no strangers to epic day trips here at Journy, but a day trip to Antarctica? That’s something we haven’t seen before.

The new tour, operated by the luxury hotel Ellerman House in collaboration with White Desert is called “The Greatest Day.” You start in Cape Town, South Africa and, from there, take a five-hour flight to Wolf’s Fang, Antarctica for a short hike to a picnic. Next, adventurous travelers have the option of climbing to a nearby summit with guides. You finish the day with a ride in a six-by-six through the mountains in Wolf’s Fang.

For a cool $16,000 you can buy a seat on a private plane or, for $225,000, you can buy out the entire jet for you and 11 of your friends. We’re adding it to our dream day trips list. Read more here.

2. Japanese pancakes have arrived in America

Over the past decade, Americans have gotten more and more obsessed with Japanese cuisine. From sushi to Kobe beef to ramen to mochi, we’ve got it all. The one notable exception? Japanese pancakes. That is, until now.

San Francisco is officially the home of the first stateside Gram Cafe and Pancakes, a famous Japanese chain known for their jiggly, soufflé-style pancakes. The premium pancakes are made in batches and take about 30 minutes, though, so diners should expect a long wait. But, hey, three hours is shorter than a flight to Tokyo. Read more here.

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3. Tourism for Tomorrow Winners Announced

Looking to travel more responsibly in 2019? Us too. Luckily, the World Travel and Tourism Council has made it easy for everyone by announcing the five winners of the Tourism for Tomorrow Awards. Each award celebrates an organization or destination making concerted efforts to improve their communities with tourism.

One of the winners is Awamaki, a company that organizes day trips from Cusco to small Quechuan villages to help empower local female artisans. The daily influx of tourists enable the women, who are primarily weavers, to become financially independent through exposure to an international market. The extra income allows these women to support themselves and their children without uprooting to the city. Furthermore, tourists also have a unique, meaningful and educational experience. Visitors can attend weaving workshops and participate in modern Andean life. Read more here.

4. 8-year-old boy captures hearts after being found with encyclopedia and piggy-bank trying to “travel the world”

An ambitious Russian boy charmed travel enthusiasts worldwide after unceremoniously leaving home to travel the world carrying only cash from a piggybank, three encyclopedias, a toy and a banana. The boy left his mother a note letting her know he was off to “travel the world,” as a courtesy. The pint-sized Jack Kerouac, who lives in Astrakhan, a small city near the Kazakhstan border, took three buses before he was found.

Luckily, the boy was utterly exhausted and didn’t mind putting his journey to an end. He told police he was “already feeling tired and he needed rest.” Read more here.

5. Supersonic passenger planes might actually be happening

An English tech firm just might be making our collective dream of flying from New York to London in two hours a reality. Reaction Engines has developed a new cooling technology that can currently enable an aircraft to travel at Mach 3.3—or, 2,532 miles per hour. With further development, they expect to be able to support Mach 5, or 3,800 miles per hour. Impressive.

Of course, supersonic travel has its pitfalls, notably the noise. Traveling at Mach 5 would cause a supersonic boom, although some startups are reportedly trying to develop a system to muffle the sound. Read more here.

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