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Dave Chang Shares His Tips On Traveling And Eating Well

Dave Chang Shares His Tips On Traveling And Eating Well
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Where do we snatch up the best travel tips? At those impromptu, founder-to-founder chats that happen backstage at events once the Champagne is flowing. At the 2017 James Beard Awards in Chicago, co-founder Leiti Hsu sat down with chef and restaurateur Dave Chang to find out how he balances globe-trotting with business.  

What Did You Have For Breakfast Today?

I didn't have breakfast; too much dinner last night. I wasn't hungry until three o'clock.

Where'd You Go For Dinner?


Best Bite In Chicago?

The grits with shrimps and ramps at Roister. The chicken sandwich was also really good.

Chicken sandwich at Roister. | The Taste SF.

Travel Guilty Pleasure?

I love getting a massage when I land—doesn't matter where the hell I am.

Best Massage In The World?

Somewhere in Tribeca… I'm not going to say where because I don't want to ruin it for myself.

In-flight Entertainment Of Choice?

Podcasts. Because usually I've seen every fucking movie on the airplane.

Korean pancake with cabbage, pork belly & runny egg. | @davidchang.

Podcast Line Up?

Weird stuff. I'm too embarrassed to even talk about it. Mostly music and sports oriented.

What Did You Have For School Lunch As A kid?

School lunch. Because I didn't want my mom to make me food—it would have looked too weird.

Korean convenience store. | @davidchang.

It's Tough Being An Asian Kid Growing Up!

People don't know! They don't know what it’s like to be Asian growing up! Now they think it's so cool to have Asian food at lunch.

You've Won A James Beard Award Before, Right?

I have been lucky to win some, yes.

Acceptance Speech Writing Tip?

Don't do it.

You Just Wing It?!

Yeah. It's always worked for me. Just try to be forgettable, make a speech that people won’t remember. It's easier that way.

3 August 2018
2 min read

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