How To Travel The World Like An Ice Cream Pro

Yann Rey of Cape Town's Unframed Ice Cream shares his tips

By Journy Admin

3 August 2018

We first interviewed ice cream enthusiast Yann Rey when he'd just launched his dream business—an ice cream shop. Unframed Ice Cream is Rey's artisanal parlor in Cape Town that offers dairy, vegan and sorbet flavors, along with superfood toppings.

Though it's been in business for less than a year, Unframed is already such a hit with the city's local gourmets and incoming foodies that Rey is launching a second location. Unframed Ice Cream 2.0 will open in Cape Town's more touristed Food Market at the V&A Waterfront this July, ahead of Cape Town's busy summer season. Be ready to tempt yourself with flavors like dirty sea salt caramel, vegan turmeric latte and vegan coconut.

Journy sat down with Rey to find out his insider tips on the world's best ice cream spots and more.

 Claire Gunn

What do you think is the best country in the world for ice cream? South Africa!

Top ice cream travel memory? A surprise sunrise ice cream out in the deep playa of Black Rock City.

What's your favorite frozen treat that's not ice cream? Frozen margaritas

 Claire Gunn

What's the most surprising ice cream you've ever eaten? Adzuki—a red bean paste from Japan

Where did you have it? At our lab in Cape Town with our head of product, the award-winning pastry chef, Stéphane Augé.

What are your top three ice cream shops around the world?

Unframed Ice Cream (I'm biased!), Rocambolesc Ice Cream Shop in Girona, Spain and, while not a shop, I was really impressed with the homemade Italian ice cream at the Mercato restaurant in Redhook in upstate, New York.

When's the best time of the day to have ice cream? Morning on your own or midnight with a hot date.


Want to find out more? Check out unframed.co.za and be sure to follow Rey's ice cream adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

Claire Gunn