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Insider Shopping Spots In Mexico City From A Partner Of Mezcal Amores

Insider Shopping Spots In Mexico City From A Partner Of Mezcal Amores

As Partner & PR manager of Mezcal Amores (known as Mezcal Amarás in the US), Deborah has over 8 years of experience in luxury PR in Mexico. She’s also the Founder and Director of Dama Tiburon, a platform for local designers, much like a pop-up store with the best fashion, jewelry and accessories by mostly Mexican designers.

Here, she shares some of her favorite shopping spots in Mexico City. Here are 10 of her favorite spots.

10 Insider Shopping Spots In Mexico City


1. Carla Fernández

Working closely with traditional female artisans and indigenous designers, Carla Fernandez creates classic textiles and clothing with a singular contemporary twist. Think rebozo fabrics turned dresses, vests, and pants, along with ponchos inspired by designs in danger of going extinct. Her work is proof that handmade craft and the fashion industry can go hand in hand to create something beautiful.

Álvaro Obregón 200, Colonia Roma /

2. Remigio

Don Remigio has done an amazing job of rescuing ancestral Oaxacan textiles and repurposing them to create stylish contemporary pieces. You’ll find beautiful rebozos (traditional shawls), scarves, skirts, dresses, and peasant blouses, along with a handful of museum pieces for sale.

Isabel la Catolica 30, Col. centro

3. Yakampot

At Yakampot, you’ll find clean, contemporary designs with traditional details in every garment. Geometric patterns, unique cutouts, and bold lines come together to create a look that’s modern, elegant, and distinctive all at once. At their must-visit shop in the trendy Juarez district, they carry blouses, ponchos and dresses on the cutting edge of Mexican fashion.

Liverpool 98, Second Floor /

4. Lorena Saravia

Winner of Vogue’s “Who’s on Next” prize, Lorena Savaria is the only Mexican designer with a store on the most luxurious avenue in DF: Masaryk. And it's no surprise - her essential, ultra-elegant, flattering creations are nothing short of stunning, not to mention addictive. You can choose from three lines: LS Basics, Ready to Wear, and Runway, all of which are easy to mix and match.

Presidente Masaryk, enter at Tennyson and Eugenio /


5. Utilitario Mexicano

Utilario Mexicano is a stylish housewares shop created by a Colombian couple looking to revive the use of traditional Mexican utensils in everyday life. You’ll find everything from ceramics and wooden spoons to enamel pans, orange presses, and limestone mortars and pestles. Each object is low-tech, strikingly simple, and endlessly useful.

Doctor Mora 9. Local 3., Barrio Alameda /

6. Taxonomía

Set on the ground floor of the stylish Hotel Carlota in up-and-coming Juarez, Taxonomia is a design store and gallery featuring the best of contemporary Mexico. You’ll find furniture, housewares and fashion that support the local creative economy, giving space to cutting-edge designers who might otherwise have to emigrate.

Río Amazonas 73, Juarez /


7. Caralarga

Hand-crafted jewelry inspired by the raw materials in nature is what you’ll find at the Caralarga workshop in the Fábrica de hilados y tejidos in El Hércules. The simplicity of their designs, not to mention the high quality and natural beauty, is what sets them apart.

Av. Hércules Puente 1 /

8. Sangre De Mi Sangre

Created in 2005 by Mariana Villarreal, Sangre de mi sangre (“Blood of my blood”) is a true melding of the designer and the piece. Villarreal, who studied literature and philosophy, uses unique combinations of silver, gold, and precious and semi-precious stones to craft her one-of-a-kind pieces, which have been featured in the likes of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Nylon, Elle, and Wallpaper.

Orizaba No. 101, Colonia Roma /

9. Suki Cohen Mexico

At Suki Cohen’s shop in the Condesa – which she happens to share with top Mexican menswear brand The Pack – you’ll find unique lingerie and swimwear featuring striking silhouettes and strong geometry. Using high-end but durable fabrics (and no underwires), the pieces are designed for multiple purposes – whatever the occasion, you’re sure to stand out in these creations.

Veracruz 111, Colonia Condesa /


10. Avocet

Avocet makes hand-crafted jewelry for men and women that’s inspired by relics and venerated objects, along with a vintage line of repurposed antique pieces. Rituals, stories, and cultures come together in their rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, which they feature in collections like “Snake Dance,” “Artemis,” and “What’s Lost is Found.”

Zacatecas 98,  Colonia Roma /


About Mezcal Amores / Amarás:

Amarás means you will love…

High quality, sustainable, artisanal mezcal made with love from 100% Agave. Each plant takes around 10 years to grow, in order to combat deforestation, Mezcal Amarás plants 10 baby agaves for each one used in the production of its mezcal. Mezcal Amarás reinvests 15% of profits to support local communities, making it a sustainable product that pays its producers above average market price. Mezcal Amarás does not add any yeasts or additives during the fermentation and the whole process is completely artisanal. The result is a spirit of great purity.

3 August 2018
4 min read

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