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Journy + Nicole Centeno: Favorite Spots In NYC To Bliss Out

Journy + Nicole Centeno: Favorite Spots In NYC To Bliss Out

As mama to two toddlers, Grover and Caleb, and founder/CEO of Splendid Spoon, it's important for me to find serenity in my sometimes crazy schedule. My company is built on the idea that small steps in your diet add up to a huge positive impact on your health. Experiences that stimulate all of my senses and unite my body with my spirit are super important to me and I am fortunate to live in a city that provides space for this. Here are my favorite spots in New York that keep me centered, balanced, and grateful for the beauty that each day brings.

The Sea Glass Carousel at Battery Park. This is a beautiful spot on the water that is as enchanting for parents as it is for kids. Often, when I travel alone I find it really comforting to go somewhere I can hear children laughing. It’s such a contagious and joyful sound, and reminds me to invite some levity to my day.


The Whitney Museum. Get up close with your favorite modern art, feast at the veggie-friendly, in-house restaurant, Untitled, and teeter out onto the precarious-feeling balconies for a view of the High Line and the Hudson River.


Then She Fell. Check out this immersive play in Bushwick, Brooklyn, based on the life and work of Alice in Wonderland author, Lewis Carroll. Prepare for a dreamy waltz through the imagination of this timeless storyteller.


MNDFL and Maha Rose. MNDFL in Greenwich Village and Maha Rose in Greenpoint are two meditation studios that are centered on creating unifying experiences for their communities. Indulge in a sound bath and MNDFL or a drum circle at Maha Rose and feel your spirit float.


Lilia. This Italian restaurant by culinary goddess Missy Robbins will make you wonder if the noodles you’ve been eating all your life were pasta at all. The delicate pastas are seriously next level, as is just about everything else on this menu that is totally veg-head friendly.


Picnic at North Brooklyn Farms. Grab some buttery olive oil, a loaf of bread, an armful of fresh fruit, and some roasted veggies at Marlow and Daughters provisions. Then, walk over to this farm nestled between the river and the old Domino Sugar Factory. This patch of green is great for a picnic, and is known to be a fave for local chefs looking for a grill and a space to chill in their off-hours.


Van Leeuwen Ice Cream. The vegan flavors here are suis generis...and they usually have off-menu flavors available daily too, as their ice cream plant is located right in Greenpoint. Their secret is a sweet-creamy-rich dairy-free base featuring cashews and coconut. My fave over the summer was a boysenberry shortcake. It’s cool that it’s vegan, but mostly it’s just really damn good. Oh, and they’ve got the full-on dairy experience too, if that’s your jam.


More About Splendid Spoon:

At Splendid Spoon, we like to say “beyond the body” which is a reminder that wellness is as much about our mind and spirit as it is our muscle tone and jean size. Really, if you can center your mind to be at peace with our body everything starts to fall into sync. That’s where The Program at Splendid Spoon was born: our meals are tools that unite your body’s actions with its intentions through super simple rituals that establish real habits.

Every week, Splendid Spoon delivers the meals you need to make that meaningful change toward a healthier lifestyle. Splendid Spoon’s plant-based bowls (think chilis, hearty lentil dals, creamy curries and smooth bisques—all vegan and gluten free) are formulated to keep you fit, full and energized. Learn more about our company here. Also check out my forthcoming book, Soup Cleanse Cookbook(Rodale), for wellness-centered recipes you can try at home.

Tara Donne
3 August 2018
4 min read

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