11 Hotels That’ll Make You Wish You Lived Under the Sea

What the Journy HQ has been hyped about this week

Photo: Niyama Private Islands, Maldives

Get your passports out—it’s time for our greatest discoveries of the week!


Chiles are so hot right now, and we’re not just talking about the taste. Here’s what our friend Matt Gross uncovered about this ever popular fruit(?!!) on his trek across Jamaica, Hungary, and Thailand.

Hollywood has already fallen head over heels for cow’s milk vodka, and now you can, too. The lactose- and gluten-free spirit has made its way across the pond.

It’s time to get to know Beaminster a bit better. The UK town of less than 3,000 residents is home to the country’s oldest cheddar-producing farm. It’s also where said cow’s milk vodka is made and Hollywood can’t get enough of it.

By the looks of these 11 underwater hotels, we’re suddenly feeling so mermaid (or merman); life really is better under the sea. Just check out those floor-to-ceiling windows!

This is the world’s rarest perfume ingredient—not to mention one of the most expensive. It boasts shades of raspberry, violet, and pepper, and has been used by Ancient Greeks and Romans alike.

And finally, Halloween is around the corner, so here are 21 magical foods and drinks to try at Harry Potter World, in Orlando, FL. From Pumpkin Juice and Butterbeer to Chocolate Frogs, you might just start levitating.

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