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Michelin-Starred Restaurants That Don't Really Have A Dress Code

No more hoping the suitcase creases in your jacket pop out
Michelin-Starred Restaurants That Don't Really Have A Dress Code
Journy Admin

By Journy Admin

It's not a good trip unless there's a great meal—probably Michelin starred. But that doesn't mean you have space in your suitcase for a glam get up. You could scroll through Instagram posts to figure out a restaurant's dress code, or you could book dinner at a restaurant where kinda-sorta anything goes. Here are some of our picks for the best Michelin-starred restaurants where you can wear (almost) anything.

A Life Worth Eating

Momofuku Ko In NYC

Momofuku Ko's website answers all you need to know about the dress code in one simple word: no. But a laid back atmosphere doesn't equal low prices. Dinner alone will cost you $195 and a drinks pairing takes that up to $370. For your money, you'll sample roughly eighteen courses of high/low dishes, like a crispy potato soufflé topped with red onion marmalade that tastes like a Super Bowl snack gone high class. If you'd rather skip the marathon meal hassle, know that you can get a bargain five-course menu for $75 at the bar, which is walk-in only.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry

Septime In Paris

Septime checks all the boxes if you're looking for a meticulously prepared meal in a casual-cool atmosphere. Local food lovers and globetrotting restaurant insiders pack the laid-back space to try the most recent tasting menu and sip on the ample selection of natural wines. While the dress code isn't come-as-you-are, guys won't need a jacket and women needn't fret about wearing a business-casual dress. That being said, this is Paris, so you'll want to look understated-yet-sharp.

Essex Eating

St John In London

Located right next to the Smithfield Meat Market, St John is at the forefront of inventive nose-to-tail cooking. Inside, the white interior feels light and casual, and the smart patrons are dressed similarly. Show up in your cool business wear, like what you might wear to work at a slightly-fashion conscious start up. The menu changes daily, order the trotter pie if it's available.

Great Italian Chefs

Alice (Eataly Smeraldo) In Milan

Dining in a supermarket has never been quite so delicious as with Alice, the seafood-centric Michelin-starred restaurants in Eataly's massive Milan store. The restaurant overlook the buzzing complex, but is secluded away enough to retain a calm feeling as you savor dishes like roast octopus with carrot cream and grilled squash. Don't come in a t-shirt and jeans, but smart black clothing will feel right at home.

Grub Street

Blanca In Brooklyn

If Roberta's in Bushwick has a chef to thank for their award-winning pizza and pasta, it's Carlo Mirarchi. His newest project is a sort of upscale addendum to Roberta's. From Wednesday to Saturday at this countertop-only restaurant right behind Roberta's, Mirarchi and his team cook up a tasting menu full of Japanese-influenced dishes that hit the sweet spot between casual and considered. This vibe is reflected in the clientele, who look like they graduated from attending Roberta's outdoor party to organizing it.

Bloomberg Quint

Restaurant 108 In Copenhagen

While it’s technically Noma's "sister restaurant," 108 is a food destination in its own right. Hungry Copenhageners pack the industrial-rustic interior for everything from Tim Wendelboe coffee to-go to succulent roast lamb shoulder drenched in an elderflower glaze for dinner. Diners tend to wear what they wore to work, casual but smart—you wouldn't feel out of place in dark jeans. Cheaper prices and a casual vibe hasn't sacrificed popularity or quality—you'll want to book ahead for dinner.


Din Tai Fung In Los Angeles

The most casual of all the options on this list, Din Tai Fung specializes in xiao long bao so perfect they got a Michelin-star. Wear clothing that'll hide potential soup dumpling splashes, but doesn’t look like a grown-up bib. While the original location in Taipei is a worthy destination, you don't have to travel far to enjoy these sloshy delights. The company has 10 locations on the West Coast of the US.

Magma Global Travel

Eleven Madison Park In New York

A three-star restaurant that doesn't have a dress code?! Well, yes and no. As part of their award-winning hospitality program, Will Guidara and chef Daniel Humm do their best to ensure that every diner feels welcomed, regardless of what they're wearing. That being said, this is a three-star Michelin restaurant currently ranked the best restaurant in the world on the World's 50 Best Restaurants list—most people are dressing up for it. So wear something nice, don't worry if it's not a jacket or heels.

3 August 2018
4 min read

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