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My San Francisco Go-Tos

My San Francisco Go-Tos

By Adam Fleischman

San Francisco is like my second home, a place where I can walk around and enjoy the small-town-artsy vibe. I go there once a month for restaurant work, events, and to explore new businesses. It’s usually a whirlwind tour of new places to try.

So, here are my top spots to indulge for a weekend on the Bay.



It’s farm-to-table breakfast here, seasonal but still homey like a diner. All of the food’s just really clean. My favorite are the poached eggs, which change all the time depending on the season, but all of the egg dishes are usually really solid.


After eating here, I like to walk around a cool part of town - either a stroll by the Ferry Building on the water or some wandering around The Mission.


You might call this super-luxe SoMA spot New American, New Moroccan, or Californian fusion. But it doesn't really matter what you call it - what matters is that this is one of the most unique places in the US, and that it will really blow you away. The couscous is really good—to me, it's the best in the entire country, one of the rare places that has that hand-rubbed couscous goodness, traditional and labor intensive. The fish dishes are also great, and it's definitely a spot to do the wine pairing, which is awesome. When a restaurant is doing different, creative food, I’ll go for the pairing just to see how creative they get. This place didn’t disappoint.



My new fav place. With its Mexican-influenced tasting menu, it's a very cozy spot for fine dining in the Mission. You don’t pick what you eat, and it’s a really great chef doing an innovative tasting menu with a lot of Mexican ingredients. I loved the aguachile, which is like a really flavorful spicy chicken soup. Bring your own wine - I'd recommend a Champagne or a light white that goes with the cuisine.



Trick Dog

A place with a funky Mission vibe and really creative artisan cocktails that are super seasonal. Great old-time bourbon type drinks and stuff like that. It’s a painter’s palette kind of menu where they do different themes, and it's constantly changing so you’ll never have the same drink twice.



Craftsman And Wolves

Angela Pinkerton is a real genius, coming from Eleven Madison Park in NYC, and it shows at this spot. They have really unique eclairs (like a super well-crafted raspberry that's so incredibly light and fresh). They also serve great coffee: my usual choice here is a cortado.


Photos: @yummysupper, @mourad , @californiossf, Thrillist, Slyscope

Viajes Gallardo
3 August 2018
3 min read

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