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Over-The-Top De Librije Is The Most Exciting Hotel/Restaurant In The Netherlands

It's held at least one Michelin star for the past twenty years
Over-The-Top De Librije Is The Most Exciting Hotel/Restaurant In The Netherlands

Nestled in the north-east part of The Netherlands, Zwolle is home to one of the best restaurants in the world. The three-Michelin star De Librije is part restaurant, part hotel and always over-the-top amazing.

The bar in the lounge | Jason Wang

Chef-Owner Jonnie Boer and his sommelier wife Thérèse have helped shape modern Dutch cuisine for over 20 years with several menus options for guests to pick from. The space is beautiful, located in an 18th century former prison. The main dining area is in the courtyard, covered by an impressive glass and steel roof.

The menu | Jason Wang

Caviar-founder Jason Wang stopped by in August to experience De Librije's stand-out hospitality. Here he shares some of the most memorable scenes:  

Appetizer based on shrimp | Jason Wang
Open kitchen | Jason Wang
Ring made of veal tartare and herring caviar | Jason Wang
Passion fruit, bacon & marinated trout eggs | Jason Wang
River trout, lovage and mushrooms in sherry sauce. | Jason Wang
Fat Dutch dairy cow ribeye cooked over the stone, spice powder, crispy potato and goat curd. |Jason Wang
Apple pie, deconstructed and cooked according to a recipe from the chef's mother | Jason Wang
Menu cards | Jason Wang
Bedroom | Jason Wang
Large hot tub in the hotel room | Jason Wang
Bacon on crispy breadsticks for breakfast | Jason Wang
Egg toast with bacon | Jason Wang
Magnolia flower in the shape of a banana | Jason Wang
Kiwi and yuzu in a golden egg | Jason Wang

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Jason Wang
3 August 2018
3 min read

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