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The 7 Japanese Desserts Foodies Need To Eat In Tokyo (And Where To Get Them)

The 7 Japanese Desserts Foodies Need To Eat In Tokyo (And Where To Get Them)
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There's nothing we love more than the flavors of Japanese desserts. We've traveled all the way to Tokyo ourselves and taste tested all of these treats first hand. These are the delectable Japanese confections you just can’t miss.

Freshly Baked,Fluffy Melon Bread At Asakusa Kagetsudou


The “melon bread” at Asukusa Kagetsudo Honten doesn't actually taste like melon at all – the name comes from the shape of the bread, rather than the flavor. This incredibly sweet, fluffy treat is served freshly-baked with an optional scoop of ice cream in the middle (green tea, vanilla, or coffee). There’s usually a small line, but when pure deliciousness costs a mere 200 yen, it’s more than worth the wait.

Light-As-Air Donuts At Ikkyu Donut


Walk too swiftly, and you might miss Ikkyu Donuts, a humble street stall that serves up incredibly tasty and light donuts. They are known for making their sweet treats with soy milk and soy pulp, which gives them a unique and irresistible texture (airy on the inside and crispy on the outside). In addition to the donuts, we can’t get enough of Ikkyu’s famous ‘soy cream’ — a soft-serve ice cream made from nutty soy milk too.

Artisan Popsicles In An Airy Cafe At Paletas Daikanyama

hengtee lim

With a colorful space and over 30 varieties of popsicle flavors, Paletas Daikanyama is a perfect way to cool off. All of their popsicles are made from Japanese fruits and vegetables, with a special focus on seasonal ingredients and unique flavors. Try the chocolate banana, matcha, the peach Earl Grey, or the plum!

The Namesake Pastry At Bake Cheese Tart


Bake Cheese Tart makes exactly what you think: sweet but tart cheese tarts that are the perfect size for a sweet tooth snack. This bakery in Shinjuku is wildly popular—so much so that you can only buy 12 tarts at a time. The satisfying combination of sweet and salty flavors and light, airy texture of the pastry has people flocking to Bake Cheese Tart. Go early—they tend to sell out quickly!

Monstrously Portioned Shaved Ice At ICE MONSTER


The much hyped Ice Monster Omotesando, which is one of the main instigators of Tokyo's kakigori (shaved ice dessert) boom, specializes in ice cream, frozen yogurt, and shaved ice. We recommend the almond or mango shaved ice, which comes with sides of jelly and molasses, and may seem expensive at $15 – but the portion is huge. Note: They have a policy that requires every customer to order something off the menu, whether a $15 kakigori or a simple cup of coffee.

Seasonally Flavored Japanese Ice Cream At JAPANESE ICE OUCA


This ice cream shop specializes in seasonal Japanese flavors including baked sweet potato, watermelon sorbet, and classic matcha. Depending on the season, they may also have more exotic tea flavors. One of the most fun things to try is a "Bear Kakigori" - a shaved ice dessert with a scoop of their signature ice cream as the bear's nose. Kawaii indeed.

Afternoon Tea And Cakes—Japanese Style From ZENKASHOIN Of Kyoto

Dairy and Cream

Despite its location in the center of Shibuya—one of the busiest areas in all of Tokyo—it's surprising how serene Zen Kashoin is on the inside. A modern Japanese tea house and tea shop, Zen Kashoin serves an excellent selection of tea, coffee, and sweets. Order a tea set, which includes tea plus a variety of small cakes, then sit by the window and watch the world go by.


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3 August 2018
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