The Best Places To Eat In Ibiza According To A Born And Bred Local

A yacht rental pro shares his favorite non-touristy restaurants

By Marc Leifheit

3 August 2018

Ibiza: the ultimate party destination or perfect place for a family trip?

The locals say it's both.

Marc Leifheit is a child of the island. He spent his childhood roaming the cliffs, working at his father's yacht shop (more on that later) and meeting people from all the over the world. "As a kid, I went to school with a mix of different economic classes. There was both the son of a man who owned three hotels, and the daughter of a guy cleaning the streets. It gave me a perspective of the wider world."

Nowadays Marc works at his father's yacht company, Coral Yachting. During the high season, which extends from April to September, they work non-stop to supply visitors with their dream boat for exploring the area. Whether you want a small boat or a super yacht, they'll supply it. And if you need excellent local recommendations that go beyond the Grey Goose fueled parties and delve deep into the island's culture, they'll supply that too. Here are a few to get you started:

Tips Ibiza

Savor A Casual Meal Outside At La Paloma

Get out of the city and go to the smaller, interior towns, such as San Lorenzo. While you're there, eat at Paloma. This family owned restaurant-cafe offers casual meals during the day and more formal meals during the evening. They grow many of the ingredients on site, no surprise the menu emphasizes salad over meat. Head there at the tail end of summer, when it's the perfect temperature to dine in the woodsy garden.

Ses Boques

Try Ibiza's Freshest Seafood At Ses Boques

Family owned restaurant Ses Boques offers traditional Spanish fish dishes on an airy beachside dining terrace that practically begs for long meals. Try their tender salt-crusted fish and bright lemon cake.

Can Limo

Sample Spanish-Peruvian Cuisine With A View At Can Limo

Amazing fresh fish and fresh citrus showcases what happens when Ibiza meets Peruvian food. Located in San Antonio Bay, the restaurant has fantastic views of the water from their garden dining space. The vibe feels Peruvian-indigenous meets Ibiza hippie chic. And don't worry if you're not into ceviche, the menu offers way more than the iconic dish.

Es Boldado

Splurge On Lobster Stew At Es Boldado

Located on the Cala D'Hort this restaurant serves up local favorites, with a focus on fresh fish (seeing a theme?). Their lobster stew is particularly well-loved (and pricey), while their suckling pig well worth a detour from fish. Be sure to save some space for their much-loved cafe caleta, strong coffee infused with brandy, herbs and spices.

Essential Ibiza

Skip The Beach Party And Eat The Best Of Spanish Food At Cala Bonita

It's a beach club, but not a beach club. It's a chill insider favorite. Located along a particularly idyllic stretch of Ibiza's souther coast line, it's within easy reach of tourist meccas like Talamanca Bay, Ibiza Town and Jesus, but far enough away to feel undiscovered. The menu is a tour through the best of Ibiza: grassy green olives, crisp fried calamari and decadent slices of jamon iberico.

Essential Ibiza

Experience Authentic Ibiza Cuisine At Sa Caleta

Sit at a table on the beachside patio and as for the bullit de peixy, fish served with a sauce made from fish broth and aioli, accompanied by a thin paella. It's most typically eaten at lunch and either ordered ahead or chosen when you're not in a rush to get anywhere. The fish changes according to what's available—you're most likely to find grouper, monkfish or rotja. Best eaten directly from the pan.

Hierbas Ibicencas Aniseta

Also Try The Local Liqueur Hierbas Ibicencas

This liqueur is a local speciality that's been made on the islands since the 1800s, though it has its roots in medicinal concoctions from the middle ages. Anise is the predominant flavor, though you’ll also taste fennel, thyme, lavender, lemons along with a slew of other locals herbs and spiced.